Do you need a Powerflush?
Find out if you need a Powerflush and book here with out easy interactive form.
Do you need a Powerflush?
There are many problems that can be fixed with a Powerflush, below are some of the most common ones for needing a Powerflush. Select all the reasons that apply to you.

Cold Spots
Sections of your radiators stay cold.

Intermittent Hot Water
Intermittent heating or hot water.

Delayed Heating
Heating takes a long time to get started.

Not as Hot
Heating doesn’t feel as hot as normal.

There is debris coming out of my central heating system.

Creaking Pipes
Creaking noises are coming from your pipes.

Insurance company has requested a Powerflush.

New Boiler
You are having a new boiler fitted.

Underfloor heating
Cold areas on my underfloor heating.